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Komodo Latex Tropical Vine Brown 5 meter length x 1 cms Wide

Komodo Latex Tropical Vine Brown 5 meter length x 1 cms Wide

Komodo’s latex tropical vines are made from safe and flexible latex for reptiles to climb and explore their environment

These vines are easy to shape for a realistic and natural reptile habitat, they have an artificial coating to help to prevent reptile injury. They are hygienic, easy to clean and they are a low maintenance product. They are just the product for arboreal reptiles’ species that need to climb bask and feed off the ground.

This product can be bent and cut to provide the perfect environment inside your vivarium or Terrarium.

Recommended for Corn Snakes, Bearded Dragons, Crested Geckos, Lizards and a wide variety of animals and insects.

Environmentally enriched

Realistic wire cored vine to retain bended shape

Enhances reptiles spatial experience

Stimulates climbing exercise

Chew and rot resistant

Attractive & Non-Toxic

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